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How are nations doing on net zero targets compared with companies? How many regions and cities have published a plan to get to net zero? How many companies rule out the use of offsets or cover their Scope 3 emissions?

Explore aggregated data across the 4,071 entities in our database.

Net zero target status

Note: We analyse all nations that are parties to the UNFCCC, every region in the largest 25 emitting nations, all cities with over 500,000 inhabitants, and the world's largest 2,000 publicly listed companies by revenue.

Global Net Zero Coverage

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  • GDP (PPP)

  • Population


Country-level coverage only. We do not include sub-national net zero targets in countries without a target.

Net Zero Numbers

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  • Regions


  • Cities


  • Companies


Out of 198 countries, 709 regions, 1,186 cities and 1,978 companies.


We provide an overview of the 2,000 largest publicly-traded companies in the world by revenue.
For those we find with a net zero (or other) target, we analyse the key components of that pledge.

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Annual revenue
Target year
Target Type
End Target Status
Interim target
Detailed plan
Reporting mechanism
Scope 3 coverage
Carbon credits
WalmartUSARetail$559bn2040Zero emissionsIn corporate strategy2025
UnitedHealthUSAServices$395bn2035Net zeroDeclaration / pledge2030
AppleUSARetail$379bn2030Carbon neutral(ity)In corporate strategy
AmazonUSARetail$296bn2040Net zeroIn corporate strategy2025
PetroChina CoCHNFossil Fuels$281bn2050OtherDeclaration / pledge2025
Exxon MobilUSAFossil Fuels$281bn2050Net zeroIn corporate strategy2030
Toyota MotorJPNManufacturing$281bn2050Carbon neutral(ity)In corporate strategy2025
BPGBRFossil Fuels$272bn2050Net zeroIn corporate strategy2025
SinopecCHNFossil Fuels$271bn2050Carbon neutral(ity)Proposed / in discussion2030
CVS HealthUSARetail$269bn2050Net zeroIn corporate strategy2030
AlphabetUSAServices$257bn2030Net zeroIn corporate strategy
VolkswagenDEUManufacturing$254bn2050Carbon neutral(ity)In corporate strategy2030
Berkshire HathawayUSAServices$246bnNo target
Saudi AramcoSAUFossil Fuels$230bn2050Net zeroDeclaration / pledge
McKessonUSABiotech, health care & pharma$225bnNo target
China State ConstructionCHNInfrastructure$215bn2060Carbon neutral(ity)Declaration / pledge2025
Samsung Electronics CoKORRetail$198bn2050Net zeroIn corporate strategy
AmerisourceBergenUSABiotech, health care & pharma$195bn2022Emissions reduction targetIn corporate strategy
ICBCCHNServices$191bn2060Carbon neutral(ity)In corporate strategy2030
Hon Hai PrecisionTWNRetail$182bn2050Net zeroIn corporate strategy2035


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