Frequently Asked Questions

28 SEPT 2021

If you have a question that is not covered below, please email us.

How frequently is the Net Zero Tracker data updated?

How does the Net Zero Tracker collect data?

What are the two tiers of data the Tracker collects?

I think some data is wrong. Can I suggest an amendment or update?

How do I know the data is accurate? Is there error checking?

How does the Tracker deal with financial entities?

What doesn’t the Tracker assess?

Will the Net Zero Tracker use benchmarking to differentiate leading entities from lagging ones?

Who does the Net Zero Tracker source national emissions from?

Who is the Net Zero Tracker for?

How is the Net Zero Tracker different from the Climate Action Tracker and other accountability initiatives in the climate space?

What is the Net Zero Tracker’s relationship with the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign?


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