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28 SEPT 2021

The Net Zero Tracker aims to increase transparency and accountability of net zero targets pledged by nations, states and regions, cities and companies. We collect data on targets set and on many factors that indicate the integrity of those targets — essentially, how serious the entity setting the target is about meaningfully cutting its net emissions to zero.

The Net Zero Tracker was born of necessity. Net zero targets have proliferated massively over the last few years, especially in the wake of the 2018 IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C. But the accountability and transparency architecture has simply not been able to keep up, leading to the absence of a way to differentiate between targets that come with plans, accountability mechanisms and a serious commitment, and those consisting of mere rhetoric. We see ourselves, then, as an important foundational element — one among many — helping to build and ultimately strengthen that architecture, enabling interested parties from all walks of life to understand, evaluate and assess the state of play globally, regionally or sectorally.

Our mission

Create the definitive global resource for collating, assessing and presenting the scale and quality of net zero pledges across nationals, sub-nationals, companies and other entities.

Net Zero Tracker partners

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We’re a collaboration between four organisations:

The Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) is a non-profit organisation supporting informed debate on energy and climate change issues in the UK. Britain faces important choices on energy and on responding to climate change, and we believe it is vital that debates on these issues are underpinned by evidence and set in their proper context.

The Data-Driven EnviroLab (DDL) is an interdisciplinary research lab headed by Dr. Angel Hsu and based at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. DDL uses innovative data analytics, AI and machine learning processes, and large-scale and unconventional datasets to develop solutions to contemporary environmental problems and strengthen environmental policymaking across all levels.

NewClimate Institute is a non-profit institute established in 2014. NewClimate Institute supports research and implementation of action against climate change around the globe, covering the topics including international climate negotiations, tracking climate action, climate and development, climate finance and carbon market mechanisms. NewClimate Institute aims at connecting up-to-date research with the real world decision making processes.

Oxford Net Zero is an interdisciplinary research initiative based at the University of Oxford, building on fifteen years of research on climate neutrality. As a network of leading researchers, we provide advice and expertise in the global race to net zero by national governments, global industry leaders and international organisations.


All of our funding comes from philanthropic foundations. The Net Zero Tracker is generously supported by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and ClimateWorks Foundation. NewClimate Institute also receives support from the IKEA Foundation.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all Net Zero Tracker volunteers, the names of which can be found in our methodology. We would also like to extend a thank you to James Zhang and his team at Arboretica for their open-source intelligence tools and semantic algorithms that have helped us, in unison with DDL, navigate and connect fragmented public data from all over the world.



To alert us of data inaccuracies or provide information that helps contribute to a fuller picture of an entity, please use our custom request form: THIRD PARTY SUBMISSIONS. If you have questions about this process, send them to updates@zerotracker.net.

For everything else, please send feedback or inquiries to hello@zerotracker.net. We want to hear from you, especially in these early stages!

All our data is freely available with attribution under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 License.


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Net Zero Tracker Partners

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