Earn a certificate while volunteering

Gain an understanding of net zero targets for a specific region, sector or language, and earn a certificate to demonstrate your experience.

Certificate scheme

Being a volunteer takes time, energy, and skill. In order to reflect the amount of effort volunteers put into the Tracker, the Net Zero Tracker's certificate scheme lets you acquire a personal, certified letter signed by an executive member of Oxford Net Zero (at the University of Oxford). The certificate can tasks undertaken, entities coded, and any tracking specialisations.

Sectoral, regional, or language certificates acknowledge your contributions to a specific area of interest and concern. These certificates are bespoke - let us know if there is a particular area you’d like to focus on. Send us an email to get this process started. Where the levels below relate to a range of entities coded, the certificate will note the exact number of entities you have coded.

Level 1 (Certified Volunteer)

After having coded 5 to 10 entities, the equivalent of approximately 5 hours of work, you are eligible for a letter acknowledging this contribution.

Level 2 (Committed Tracker)

Coding 10 to 50 entities is no mean feat, helping us keep a constant level of activity within the Tracker to stay on top of the changing net zero landscape. This level acknowledges you as a key part of the NZT volunteer team (and our undying gratitude).

Level 3 (Central Backbone)

After coding more than 50 entities or spending more than 30 hours doing Tracker work, you have shown your skill and commitment to going above and beyond, meriting the highest level of certification.

Specialisation 1 (Sectoral Sleuth)

Are you a medical student or researcher who is also interested in the climate commitments of pharma and healthcare companies? Do you wish to keep fashion brands accountable? If so, then this certificate might be of interest.

Specialisation 2 (Regional Reporter)

If you would like to focus on a particular geographical or political region (e.g., South Africa or the European Union), this certificate is for you.

Specialisation 3 (Linguistic Maestro)

Parlez-vous français? 你会说普通话吗?

Get a certificate to prove that you have focused on updating entities in a particular language, proving your net zero literacy across linguistic boundaries.

Your help never goes unnoticed by us - now, you can let others know about your achievement and dedication too.

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