G20: Net Zero Stocktake

The Net Zero Tracker's maiden analysis shines a light on G20 entities.

27 OCT 2021

Analysing the quantity, quality and momentum of net zero targets in G20 nations, regions, cities and companies.

G20 Analysis Oct 2021 FINAL

Note: When including the net zero target of the European Union as a whole (not just the targets of its individual countries) net zero coverage is slightly higher across the board as of 27 October 2021: 81% for emissions, 82% for GDP and 61% for population.

The 'G20: Net zero stocktake', presented by John Lang, is the Net Zero Tracker consortium's first analysis. It builds on ECIU and Oxford’s Taking Stock report and the Navigating the Nuances of Net Zero report by the NewClimate Institute and Data-Driven EnviroLab, the first systematic analyses of global net zero commitments across countries, sub-national governments and major companies.

We reference the UNFCCC's Race to Zero 'starting line' criteria in this analysis. It can be explored in detail here.

Explore the Net Zero Tracker methodology to find out about how we collected data. To access the data set, please download from our home page or email us. If using for external purposes, please cite as follows:

For media: G20: Net Zero Stocktake, Net Zero Tracker. Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, Data-Driven EnviroLab, NewClimate Institute, Oxford Net Zero. October, 2021.

For academic publications: Thomas Hale, Takeshi Kuramochi, John Lang, Brendan Mapes, Steve Smith, Ria Aiyer, Richard Black, Mirte Boot, Peter Chalkley, Frederic Hans, Nick Hay, Angel Hsu, Niklas Höhne, Silke Mooldijk, Tristram Walsh. 'G20: Net Zero Stocktake', Net Zero Tracker. Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, Data-Driven EnviroLab, NewClimate Institute, Oxford Net Zero. 2021.

This analysis owes a debt of gratitude to the following volunteers:

  • Shiemaa Ahmed
  • Fatima Arif
  • Nina Bengtsson
  • Barasha Borthakur
  • Samuel Boyer
  • Annabel Chantry
  • Mia Clement
  • Judith Condor-Vidal
  • Matthew Doran
  • Adriana Elera
  • Julian Gonzales
  • Manu Gupta
  • Jonathan Heale
  • Joe Kearney
  • Kara Keenan-Wilson
  • Maria Lemos Gonzalez
  • Amy Leung
  • Harry Linehan-Hill
  • Lucy Lyons
  • Lucy Main
  • Esmé McMillan
  • Nadia Merghani
  • Michelle Midzi
  • Sasha Mills
  • Joy Nkosi
  • Pippa Noble
  • Lizeth Palencia
  • Aiminayanate Pepple
  • Carol Serban
  • Bridget Stuart
  • Elizabeth Tatham
  • Leah Tillmann-Morris
  • Maria Torres Santeli Jose
  • Allan Torres
  • Irene Trung
  • Michelle Viotti
  • Kun Yan
  • Lina Yassin


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